Requirements for Current IU Bloomington Students

If you're a current IU student, here's what you'll need to join the SPEA family

The School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) is a welcoming community. Admission is based primarily on your academic record and you must complete certain admission requirements prior to application.

Admissions Application

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a. Fall Admission: May 1st

b. Spring Admission: December 1st

c. Summer Admission: July 1st

Admission Eligibility




English Composition

Mathematical Modeling

Cumulative GPA

All Degrees/Majors

Meet IUB GenEd Requirement

Meet IUB GenEd Requirement

2.3 GPA

  • Students must have at least 12 credits to be considered for admission
  • Students above 75 credit hours are eligible for admission, but must make an appointment with Pre-SPEA advisor
  • Please Note: Meeting admission eiligibility does not guarantee admission; SPEA will assess each application individually through a holistic revew of a student's academic performance including (but not limited to) cumulative GPA, semester GPA, SPEA GPA, essay, etc.

Application Review

Applications will be reviewed at the end of each semester after semester grades are final.

If you meet our requirements, apply online. We are happy to answer any questions you may have—contact us at (812) 855-0635 or