Transfer Students

Five steps to transferring to SPEA

Choose the unique programs and diverse opportunities available at SPEA on the IU Bloomington campus for the next chapter in your college career as a transfer student—we’ll help you through the process.

Step One: Get admitted to IU

All transfer students, whether you are from another university or college or from another IU campus, must begin their transfer process by being admitted to IU Bloomington.

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Step Two: Have your existing college credits transferred to IU

After beginning your admission process, you may want to know how your previous coursework transfers to IU Bloomington and SPEA specifically. As a transfer student you will receive a credit transfer report upon admission to IU Bloomington. This report lists all courses that transfer and the IU equivalent to those courses, but you can get a preview before you get your official report through the IU Office of Admissions.

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Step Three: SPEA-specific course evaluation

After you are officially admitted to IU Bloomington, SPEA can provide a complete picture of how all of your transfer courses apply to a SPEA degree and what course you still need to be complete. Contact us to make an appointment to create and discuss your academic plan at (812) 855-0635.

Step Four: Admission to SPEA

Once you are admitted to IU Bloomington, you will need to apply for admission into SPEA. As a transfer student you will be admitted into University Division and will need to apply to SPEA during your first semester on campus, following the same procedures as any other continuing IUB student. If you are transferring from another SPEA degree institution, contact us at (812) 855-0635 to make an appointment.

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