Additional opportunities to speacialize and collaborate, no matter which path you choose

Combining your energy concentration with another concentration—such as environmental policy and natural resource management, environmental management or sustainability and sustainable development—can offer unique career advantages. Our faculty will work to accommodate your specialized professional interests as they help you design your program.


Numerous IU departments offer valuable courses related to the energy concentration including Geological Sciences, Geography, Physics, Economics, and various social sciences. Geological Science courses offer detailed study of the formation of energy resources. The Physics and Geography departments offer courses that address climate change science. Social science courses offer additional opportunities to study research methods and survey design. If you are interested in business management or finance, it may be possible for you to take courses in the Kelley School of Business.

Gain real-world experience while still in school

The O’Neill MPA program offers far more than traditional lectures and lessons. You'll benefit from experiential learning, typically through an approved internship. What's more, your concentration's course work will culminate in a project-oriented course—an O’Neill Capstone—that lets you apply the knowledge you gained throughout the program, gaining practical career experience before you graduate.

You can join the O’Neill Energy Leaders Student Association (ELSA), a professional student organization for the energy concentration that offers networking and current information on events in the energy industry.

Get involved with ELSA

Learn about the different Energy concentration options from faculty and students.