Dennis Cromwell

Adjunct Faculty
Associate Vice President, Client Service and Support, Office of the Vice President for IT and CIO – Indiana University

(812) 856-5594
Room Number:


  • M.P.A., Indiana University
  • B.S. in Mathematics, Indiana University


Dennis Cromwell provides university-wide leadership for the development and management of services that enhance the use of IT in higher education, and for improving the support of technology for the IU community. Cromwell sets the vision for the university's client virtualization model, overseeing the development and adaptation of IT services to meet the changing needs of the students, faculty, and staff. He also establishes external vendor relationships and negotiates contracts for enterprise license agreements.

Cromwell previously served as IU's associate vice president for enterprise infrastructure. In this role, he oversaw the critical technology infrastructure that enables IU services and software, including data centers, servers and storage, campus networks, telephone switches, identity management, and cable and wiring. He also has extensive experience delivering production information systems for IU students, faculty, and staff. Cromwell has a BS in mathematics from Indiana University.

Selected Works


  • Dennis Cromwell, Kristin Hanks, and Sarah Engel Bottom Up and Top Down: Making IT a Key Part of the Campus Sustainability Effort EDUCAUSE Quarterly, Volume 32 Number 3. Fall 2009
  • Bernbom, G. & Cromwell, D. Data Architecture in an Open Systems Environment CAUSE/EFFECT, 16 (4), 27-29, 33-37. 1993
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