MSES Energy

Science for a brighter tomorrow

O’Neill’s MSES Energy science concentration will put you in a position to help meet critical energy challenges. In addition to core courses in energy economics and policy, and in energy systems, you will choose from courses in natural gas, renewable energy, air pollution, meteorology, GIS, and climate change and its impacts. Additional economics, policy and management options will include courses in energy economics, policy, and law, climate change policy, and human behavior related to energy consumption, as well as courses in broader areas such as benefit-cost analysis, local government, and sustainability. These courses will provide context for your science and technology training, allowing you to craft well-informed approaches to today’s energy challenges.

Your energy training will position you to compete strongly in the exciting and expanding world of energy-related careers in government, contracting, non-profit, and industry. You will be prepared to participate in problem-solving at national and international levels or in the fast-growing and often innovative environment of state and municipal organizations.

How to apply