International Affairs & Development

Economic development policy, foreign aid, democratic movements, global economic crisis, and adaptation to climate change are just a few of many topics in international affairs and development. Our research and teaching focuses on problems afflicting countries across the world, the institutional settings within which these problems arise, and the solutions offered by governments, NGOs (nongovernmental organizations), multinational organizations, and the private sector. In addition to focusing on economic development and governance structures within countries, we also explore political and economic relations between countries. These and other important issues facing our world today are investigated with powerful tools from economics, political science, and other social sciences.

Faculty Members

David B. Audretsch
Director, Institute of Development Strategies
(812) 855-6766
SPEA 211

  • Economic Policy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Globalization
  • Regional Economic Policy

Claudia N. Avellaneda
Associate Professor
(812) 856-9026
SPEA 453

  • Public Management and Governance in Developing Countries
  • Local Governments in Latin America
  • Comparative Public Policy and Policymaking
  • Latin American Politics
  • International Development

Jennifer N. Brass
Associate Professor
(812) 855-1460
SPEA 457

  • African Politics
  • Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Energy and International Development
  • Comparative Public Administration
  • Governance
  • Civil Society
  • Political Economy of Development

Sanya Carley
Associate Professor
(812) 856-0920
SPEA 353

  • Energy Policy and Economics
  • Electricity Markets
  • Applied Econometrics
  • Policy Instruments
  • Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation
  • Energy-based Economic Development

Brian L. DeLong
Senior Lecturer
(812) 856-7585
SPEA 323

  • National and international security policies from an argumentation, rhetorical, and critical cultural perspective

Sameeksha Desai
Associate Director, Institute for Development Strategies
(812) 856-4647
SPEA 215

  • Entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development policy
  • Political economy and allocation of entrepreneurship in areas of political instability, conflict, and disaster
  • Postconflict reconstruction
  • Social entrepreneurship

Robert Kravchuk
(812) 856-7888
SPEA 331

  • Public Finance
  • Macro-budgeting
  • Public Debt Markets
  • U.S. Defense Department Procurement Management
  • Political Economy of Reform in Formerly Socialist Countries

Kerry Krutilla
Associate Professor
(812) 855-0492
SPEA 461

  • Theory and practice of benefit-cost analysis
  • Environmental and natural resource modeling and policy evaluation

Antung Anthony Liu
Assistant Professor
(812) 856-4647

  • Climate change policy
  • Environment in developing countries
  • Pollution issues and the interactions between the environment and the economy in China

Daniel Preston
Clinical Assistant Professor
(812) 856-4925
SPEA 217

  • International Affairs
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Corporate and Public Sector Strategy
  • Country Competitiveness
  • Financial Markets
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Good Governance and Policy Analysis

Rafael Reuveny
(812) 855-4944
SPEA 421

  • International political economy with emphasis on globalization
  • Rise and fall of major powers
  • Political conflict and how it interacts with international trade, democracy, and the environment
  • Sustainable development
  • Middle East political economy

Kenneth R. Richards
(812) 855-4944

  • Domestic and International Climate Change Policy
  • Environmental Policy Implementation
  • Carbon Sequestration Economics and Law
  • Energy Law
  • U.S. Forest Service Organizational Design and Management

Allison Youatt Schnable
Assistant Professor
(812) 855-6947
SPEA 431

  • Globalization
  • NGOs
  • Organizational Theory and Behavior
  • Nonprofit Theory and Management
  • Philanthropy, Development, Cultural Sociology, Religion

Susan Siena
(812) 856-6775
SPEA 225

  • National and International Affairs

Anh Tran
Associate Professor
(812) 855-0563

  • Institutions and behavior of bureaucrats, entrepreneurs, and workers in developing countries

Lois Recascino Wise
Professor Emeritus
(812) 855-7980

  • Public management
  • Comparative public administration
  • Employment policies and practices
  • Work motivation