Major in Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Understand complex connections—and be able to put sustainable practices into place

Sustainability. Human-environment interactions. Sustainable food systems. Environmental ethics.

If these topics intrigue you, a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental and Sustainability Studies (BAESS) will give you the opportunity to study these subjects and more. With a BAESS, you will gain a broad overview of environmental sustainability problems and the tools needed to address these issues. This is a joint degree between SPEA and the College of Arts and Sciences—you'll benefit by being able to combine courses from SPEA and College departments, including Anthropology, Biology, Geography, Geology, Political Science, and more.

Individualize your major to focus on one of five concentration areas: sustainable food systems, sustainable energy and resources, environmental ethics and justice, biodiversity and sustainability, or an individualized concentration. You'll bridge the arts and humanities, social sciences, and the physical and life sciences—all to make the world a better place.

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