Upcoming Colloquium


2007:    “Adapting Universities to the Global Society,”

               September 9-11, 2007, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana


Past Colloquia


2006:    “Transatlantic Perspectives on Security Imperatives: 

               Implications for Civil Liberties and Intergovernmental/Transnational Relations”

              · Conference was held June 4-8 at the Polish Institute for International Affairs in Warsaw, Poland


2005:    Business Meeting was held May 22-24 at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, Spain


2004:    “End of Sovereignty? A Transatlantic Perspective,”

              · Conference was held September 9-11 at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs

                    at the University of Texas, Austin.


2003:    “Transatlantic Perspectives on Liberalization and Democratic Governance”

               · Conference was held June 16-18 at the German University of Administrative Sciences, Speyer, Germany


2002:    Business Meeting was held June 6-7 at the École Nationale d’Administration in Paris, France


2001:    “Ethics, Accountability, and Social Responsibility”

              · Conference was held September 20-22 at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

                    at the University of Pittsburgh

              · See Paper and Paper Abstracts from Colloquium (add web link)


2000:    “Globalization and Regionalization:  A Paradoxical Challenge for Public Policy”         

              · Conference was held May 22-26 at the European Institute for Public Administration in Maastricht,

                    The Netherlands focusing on this seeming paradox.


1998:    “Globalization and the Environment”

              · Conference was held September 30-October 2 at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

                    This conference focused on international environmental issues.


1997:    Joint Conference - SPEA/ENA

             · Conference was held May 27-28 at the École Nationale d’Administration in Paris, France. 

                   This conference focused on international trade issues and international security/defense policy.

             · This was the initial program that led to the formation of the Transatlantic Policy Consortium