SPEA in Turkey

Spend four weeks studying in Turkey, one of the birthplaces of civilization

You can experience a culture that dates back to antiquity, in a city that quickly allows you to switch between Europe and Asia. As part of the course, you will grow to understand the history, politics, and government of a country that is often the center of Middle East policy.

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June 19 – July 17, 2015

V482/V582 - Eurasian Perspectives on Political and Economic Development (6cr.)

Program Director: Dr. Barry Rubin

This six-credit course focuses on the strategic development of Turkey, with an emphasis on the strategic importance of Turkey in the Middle East and the international community. You will spend two weeks on the Bilkent University campus in Ankara, studying the history and political system. The class will include Turkish students who will be taking a similar class for credit at Bilkent. You will then travel to Istanbul, Turkey, for the remainder of the course, where you will continue to learn about Turkey’s unique style of economic development, business structure, environmental issues, political culture, and the interaction of religion and development. 

Please see your academic/faculty advisor to determine how this study abroad program will fulfill major requirements specific to your academic needs. The SPEA Undergraduate Advising Office has preapproved this course to fulfill the following undergraduate academic programs:

    • Environmental Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Law and Public Policy
    • Management
    • Policy Analysis
    • Public Financial Management
    • Public and Nonprofit Management

The program will be open to IU undergraduate students with a minimum 3.0 GPA, as well as graduate students in good standing. Students from across IU may apply, however preference for acceptance will be given to SPEA students at IUB and IUPUI. Additionally, scholarships are available for IUB and IUPUI SPEA undergraduates, and on a limited basis, for graduate students. The instructor will review student applications and make the final decision on admission to the program.

While studying at Bilkent University, students will stay in fully equipped, single-occupancy rooms in the newest dormitory on campus and receive breakfast and lunch in nearby cafeterias. At Bogazici University, students will be housed in single-occupancy rooms in a hotel facility near the campus with full facilities (including air-conditioning, pool, and fitness center), and will have breakfast in the hotel and lunch in a campus cafeteria. Students will be provided with two meals per day, five days per week, and additional meals as appropriate during excursions/field trips. Both residences and campuses have full Wi-Fi Internet. In addition, students will have access to large, modern libraries, study halls, and computer labs.

Please note: You will pay two amountsthe tuition, which is what Indiana University credits cost, and you will also pay the SPEA Abroad program fee.

SPEA in Turkey Program Fee: Coming Soon

SPEA graduate student program fee after fellowship: Coming Soon

SPEA undergraduate student program fee after scholarship: Coming Soon

The program fee includes lodging, medical insurance, some meals, and cultural excursions.

* Program fee is subject to change due to unforeseeable circumstances


Scholarships will be awarded to all SPEA students based on availability; however, if you apply by the priority application deadline, you will be guaranteed a scholarship as long as you meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

Undergraduate scholarships will be in the amount of 50% of the program fees up to a maximum of $2000 USD.

Graduate Fellowships are available to all SPEA graduate students based on availability in the amount of $500 USD.

Other scholarships are available on a competitive basis. 

IU Tuition – 6 credits

The tuition cost for SPEA in Turkey is based on IU Bloomington tuition. The amount of tuition you pay will vary based on your student status.

Additional Costs

You will need to pay for your flight to Turkey, transportation to and from the airport, food that is not included in the program and other incidentals.

SPEA in Turkey Handbook

Course Syllabus

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