SPEA in Graz

Experience the Austrian music industry, while earning course credit

Spend two weeks in Graz, the second largest city in Austria and the capital of the province of Styria, studying the music industry from a global perspective. 

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July 1 - July 14, 2018

A482/Y500/V482/V582 – Comparative Music Industry (3 credits)

Program Director: Dr. Monika Herzig

The music industry has experienced dramatic changes since the beginning of the 21st century, not only due to new technologies, but also due to globalization and new international models in a traditionally American dominated market. The purpose of this three-credit course is the comparative study of history and issues of the global music industry using Graz, Austria, as the base of operations.

Through case studies, readings, team assignments, and lectures by regional professionals, you will analyze the components of the American music industry in comparison to the European music industry with a focus on legal issues, publishing, media, concert promotions, arts education, and artistic career options. You will also examine and analyze topics such as new intellectual property and licensing regulations, variations in government support for the arts, and explore a variety of career opportunities in the music industry. Guest speakers will be invited every day to share their expertise as well as network with the students.

Both undergraduate and graduate students in good standing may apply. Undergraduate students should have at least a 2.8 GPA and junior or senior status. Though preference will be given to SPEA students, the course is open to students from any discipline. 

You will live in single dormitory rooms located on the campus of Kunst Uni Graz (KUG). Rooms are airconditioned. You will also have access to classrooms and practice rooms. The campus of KUG is centrally located, with easy access to food items at the shop, café, and restaurant immediately across the street from the jazz institute. You will be responsible for all of your meals with the exception of a welcome party and a reception held the last night. 

Note: You will pay two amounts – the tuition, which is what Indiana University credits cost, and you will also pay the SPEA Abroad program fee.

2018 SPEA in Graz Program Fee: $2,500*

The program fee includes lodging, some food, medical insurance, and cultural excursions.

* Program fee is subject to change due to unforeseeable circumstances

IUB Tuition – 3 credits

The tuition cost for SPEA in Graz is based on IU Bloomington tuition. The amount of tuition you pay will vary based on your student status.

Additional Costs

You will need to pay for your flight to Austria, transportation to and from the airport, food that is not included in the program and other incidentals.


The SPEA Abroad Summer Scholarship/Fellowship is available to help SPEA students from IUB and IUPUI study abroad. Please visit our scholarship page for eligibility requirements and application deadlines. 

Other scholarships are available on a competitive basis.

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