SPEA Undergraduate Exchange: Erasmus University College

Spend a semester studying at Erasmus University Rotterdam while earning course credit toward your SPEA undergraduate degree

SPEA undergraduate students are invited to participate in a semester exchange program with Erasmus University Rotterdam: Erasmus University College. Erasmus University College specializes in approaching topical subjects and social issues through an interdisciplinary perspective with an emphasis on active learning. This selective exchange program gives preference to SPEA undergraduate students that are in the Certificate in Applied Research and Inquiry (CARI) program, but all SPEA undergraduates are eligible to apply.

Learn more about SPEA's undergraduate exchange with Erasmus University Rotterdam: Erasmus University College

You should work with your SPEA advisor to determine which semester will be best for you to study at Erasmus. Please use the time frames below to help in planning your semester abroad.

Fall Semester (Erasmus Quad 1 & Quad 2): Late August - Mid December

Spring Semester (Erasmus Quad 3 & Quad 4): Late January - Mid June

2017/2018 Erasmus University College Academic Calendar

You should prepare to take the equivalent of 15 IU credits, during your semester at Erasmus University College. Two European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits are equal to one IU credit, requiring you to enroll in a minimum of 30 ECTS credits throughout the semester. Numerous courses will be offered each semester in English in a variety of topics. Classes are primarily lecture based, however, some shorter, intensive seminars are also offered in English each semester.

Please see the following course listing. Each semester the SPEA undergraduate advisors review available courses to determine course equivalencies at SPEA, so please consult with your advisor when developing your semester course plan.

2017/2018 Course Overview

This program is open to all SPEA undergraduate students at IU Bloomington, but preference will be given to SPEA undergraduate students in the Certificate in Applied Research and Inquiry (CARI) program.

During your time at Erasmus University College (EUC) you will be housed on campus with other EUC students. The student housing is a great place to live, designed for both work and relaxation. The building is in a safe and vibrant area of Rotterdam, right at the center of the city. Every student is guaranteed to have their own room, bathroom and kitchenette. However, space will be reserved for common rooms for students to eat, relax and study together. The EUC building and the main campus are within walking and biking distance, so it will only take you a couple of minutes to get to class.

Housing at Erasmus University College

For this semester exchange program, you will pay tuition at Indiana University (no tuition will be paid to Erasmus University). You will be responsible for covering your own overseas expenses including airfare, food, and housing. Roughly $1,200 dollars a month should cover food, housing, study materials, and incidentals. Your biggest variable is housing.

Students participating in this program will automatically be rewarded a $1,500 scholarship to help with expenses abroad.

Other scholarships are available on a competitive basis.