SPEA Undergraduate Exchange: Erasmus University

Spend a semester studying at Erasmus University while earning course credit toward your SPEA undergraduate degree

SPEA undergraduate students are invited to participate in a spring semester exchange program with Erasmus University Rotterdam. The program focuses on the role of art and culture in society and various courses explore the affects of policy, media, economics, and marketing. This exchange is for SPEA students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Arts Management.

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You should prepare to take a minimum of five classes, equal to to 15 IU credits during your semester at Erasmus University. Two European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits are equal to one IU credit, requiring you to enroll in a minimum of 30 ECTS credits throughout the semester. Numerous courses will be offered each semester in English in a variety of topics. Classes are primarily lecture based, however, some shorter, intensive seminars are also offered in English each semester.

This program is open to SPEA undergraduate students at IU Bloomington in the Arts Management progam.

Erasmus University Rotterdam provides a variety of living options. You will be able to find housing information on the EUR Housing website. In addition, the International Office at Erasmus University Rotterdam has valuable housing information. Students are encouraged to start their housing search early.

Erasmus University Rotterdam is located in Rotterdam, a city located in the southern part of the Netherlands. Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands.

Erasmus University Rotterdam is able to provide the demand for accommodation for part of the international students staying in the Netherlands less than 12 months, they have reserved almost 500 furnished rooms at Rotterdam’s largest provider of student housing, SSH (Stichting Studentenhuisvesting Rotterdam). Visit the SSH website for detailed information about how to book a room.

For this semester exchange program, you will pay tuition at Indiana University (no tuition will be paid to Erasmus University). You will be responsible for covering your own overseas expenses including airfare, food, and housing. Roughly $1,200 dollars a month should cover food, housing, fun, study, materials, and incidentals. Your biggest variable is housing. SSH (Stichting Studentenhuisvesting Rotterdam) is an excellent housing choice.

Students participating in this program will automatically be rewarded a $2,000 scholarship to help with expenses abroad.