SPEA Graduate Exchange: University of Augsburg

Spend a semester studying at the University of Augsburg while earning course credit toward your SPEA graduate degree

SPEA master's students are invited to participate in a semester exchange program with the University of Augsburg's Global Business Management Program (GBM). The GBM Program offers a unique view on both the business aspects and political policy background of management decisions. Germany is an economic powerhouse within the European Union, and its economic business models are mimicked around the globe.

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The SPEA graduate exchange in Augsburg is only offered during the spring semester due to the offset German academic calendar. You should work with your concentration advisor to determine which spring semester will work best with your degree progression.

Spring Semester (University of Augsburg's Summer Semester): Early April - Mid August

You are encouraged to use January - March for an internship at home or abroad. The SPEA International Office, in collaboration with the Career Development Office will assist with this process.

Academic Calendar

As a SPEA master's student in this program, you'll be able to delve into the world of global theories, while exploring several different international viewpoints for an entire semester. You'll have the opportunity to take classes with German students and fully immerse yourself in the Bavarian culture, all while studying in Augsburg, one of Germany’s oldest cities.

You should prepare to take a minimum of four classes, equating to 12 IU credits during your semester at the University of Augsburg. Two European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits are equal to one IU credit, requiring students to enroll in a minimum of 24 ECTS credits throughout the semester. Numerous courses will be offered each semester in English in a variety of topics. Classes are primarily lecture based, however, some shorter, intensive seminars are also offered in English each semester. Topics range from innovation, international management, corporate governance, economics, marketing, environmental economics, to health economics and business ethics.

You can view course offerings from a prior semester as an example of coursework available at the University of Augsburg. Although course offerings are similar from year to year, all courses are subject to change. Please work with your concentration advisor to determine which courses fit best with your academic plan.

You may apply if you:

  • are a current MPA, MPA-MSES, or MPA-MAAA student at SPEA
  • have at least a 3.0 GPA; 3.2 GPA preferred
  • will have completed two semesters of graduate coursework prior to departure

Most students will study at Augsburg spring semester of their 2nd year (application deadline in March).

While studying at the University of Augsburg, you can choose between university and private housing options.

If you choose to utilize university housing options, a single apartment or individual room can be leased based on your preference. All of the rooms are fully furnished and internet access is available for an additional monthly fee. Apartments come with a personal bathroom and a kitchenette. You will have access to washers and dryers which are located in each housing complex, as well several cafeterias and cafes available on campus.

A student ID card will be issued to you upon arrival in Germany, giving you access to Augsburg’s public transportation, the university library, and dining services.

For this semester exchange program, you will pay tuition at Indiana University (no tuition will be paid to the University of Augsburg). You will be responsible for covering your own overseas expenses including airfare, food, and housing. The University of Augsburg estimates roughly $700 dollars a month should cover food, housing, study materials, and incidentals. Your biggest variable is housing.

Students participating in this program will automatically be rewarded a $1,500 scholarship to help with expenses abroad.

Other scholarships are available on a competitive basis.

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