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Graduate Student Application

Please review the questions on this form and fill out only when you can complete all areas. If unable to answer all questions at this time, bookmark this page and return when you have the necessary information.


IDENTITY Please enter your name in the same format as the previous application form:
First name:
Middle name:
Last name:
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Country of Citizenship (Please list both countries if you have dual citizenship.):


Languages you are able to translate:

Languages you can speak, read, and write:(Please indicate which category applies to each language.)


If you are applying for a dual degree program with another department outside of SPEA, you must apply to both programs separately. Please contact for additional information.

PROGRAM DETAILS Program applying for:

Please check if applicable:
Honors Candidate (For Accelerated Students only)
Master's International

If you selected MPA/MA:

If you selected other, please specify:

Please select your top three areas of interest:
Public Affairs:
Comparative and International Affairs
International Development
Economic Development
Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management
Information Systems
Local Government Management
Nonprofit Management
Policy Analysis
Public Financial Administration
Public Management
Sustainability and Sustainable Development
Environmental Science:
Applied Ecology
Environmental Chemistry, Toxicology and Risk Management
Water Resources

Dual Public Affairs/Environmental Science:
Environmental Management
Environmental Systems Analysis and Modeling


One semester of college-level coursework in each of the following subject areas is a prerequisite* for the MSES and MPA/MSES programs. Please check off each one you have taken and provide the relevant course information (level and title of course):

Chemistry (with lab):

Additionally, familiarity with concepts in biology/ecology and statistics/data analysis is desirable. If you have any background in biology/ecology or statistics/data analysis, please indicate it below.

Statistics/Data Analysis:

*The Admissions Committee, on occasion, may admit a candidate with an insufficient background on the condition that he/she completes coursework in the area of deficiency prior to matriculation at SPEA.


A résumé must be submitted to the address below. If you prefer to submit a resume via email, please send it to, subject line:Application Resume. In addition to employment, please include significant voluntary work experiences, academic honors, honorary organizations, offices held, technical skills, and major extracurricular activities.

Your admissions application requires a Personal Statement. It is preferred that you insert your Statement in the text box below. Alternatively, you can email your Statement to


Your Personal Statement will be evaluated in terms of professional vision, written style, grammar, and logical structure. Please limit your statement to 7000 characters or less, which is approximately 2 pages.

Describe your most important accomplishments and how they prepared you for graduate study at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. Outline carefully your current goals and professional plans. Explain your reasons for selecting the School of Public and Environmental Affairs for graduate study.


While SPEA does not require an applicant to have any prior professional experience, the School would like to have an idea of any experience you have had in your field prior to beginning your master's program. This information will in no way impact the decision of the Admissions Committee.

How much time have you spent gaining professional experience in your field?:

Please provide a brief description of that experience:


This is the only form necessary to apply for SPEA departmental merit aid. Priority consideration for funding is given to students who submit a completed application file with all supporting documents by February 1.

Would you like to be considered for SPEA merit-based financial aid? Yes    No

Would you like to be considered for the SPEA Service Corps? Yes    No

If yes, please choose (you can choose one or both Corps interest areas) Nonprofit Corps or  Public Corps

To be eligible for Service Corps, you must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1st and qualify for federal work-study funding. Additional information about the Service Corps program may be found under the "SPEA Opportunities" section of our website.

Do you have a current FAFSA on file? Yes    No

Would you like to receive more information about our SPEA VISTA Fellows program? Yes    No

Have you completed service with any of the following?
Peace Corps
Teach For America
Washington Leadership Program
Military Duty (please include any military service of your parent or spouse, as there may be specific funding opportunities available for military families)
If yes, please list dates of service:  

Are you currently an applicant or a nominee for a fellowship from an organization or agency other
than a university? Yes    No
If yes, which fellowship?     

Are you eligible to apply as a:
CIC participant?
Project 1000 participant?
McNair Scholar?
MEDIC-B Scholar?
National Physical Science Consortium?
PPIA Fellow?
Truman Scholar?

Are you a first generation college graduate? Yes    No

In accordance with the national agreement developed through the Council of Graduate Schools, which states that "an offer by an institution after April 15 is conditional on presentation by the student of the written release from any previously accepted offer," I agree that if I accept a fellowship, scholarship, or assistantship from Indiana University, the acceptance becomes binding after April 15 and will preclude the later acceptance of a stipend offer for the following academic year from any other institution unless I first obtain a written release from the graduate advisor of the relevant degree program of Indiana University.

The resolution of the Council of Graduate Schools, for which 373 universities have indicated support, including Indiana University, also states: "Students are under no obligation to respond to offers of financial support prior to April 15; earlier deadlines for acceptance of such offers violate the intent of this resolution."


How did you hear about our program?
If you selected other, please specify:

Please list individuals who have had an influence over your decision to apply to SPEA. Include name, title, mailing address and email address:

To what other schools are you applying?


International Applicants, please send supplemental materials to:
     International Admissions
     Leo R. Dowling International Center
     111 South Jordan Avenue
     Bloomington, IN 47405
Domestic applicants, please send supplemental materials to:
     Masters Program Office
     SPEA 260
     1315 E 10th Street
     Bloomington, IN 47405


Application deadline for international students: December 1
Priority deadline for merit aid consideration: February 1
Application deadline for domestic students: May 1

Masters Program Office
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
1315 E. Tenth Street, Room 260
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405-1701

For additional information, please call (800) 765-7755 or email
Information is also available online at

Upon clicking "Submit," the information provided in the Departmental Questions form will be routed directly to SPEA's Admissions Assistant. Questions may be directed to 800.765.7755 or email, subject line:Departmental Questions.