MPA-MAAA Dual Degree

Earn a unique dual degree in Public Affairs and Arts Administration

At SPEA, you can pursue the unique opportunity of earning a Master of Arts in Arts Administration in combination with a Master of Public Affairs with a concentration in Nonprofit Management.

As an MPA-MAAA dual degree student you will develop skills in quantitative analysis, public sector management, budgeting, and public policy while gaining expertise in arts management, marketing, law, and cultural policy.

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You can complete two degrees in just five semesters

The course requirements for the dual MAAA-MPA can be completed in just five semesters, plus an internship usually carried out during one of the summers in which you’re enrolled in the program. This dual degree provides a combination of skills especially well-suited for you if you have an interest in doing applied research for arts organizations in the commercial, nonprofit, or public sector.

Explore the MPA-MAAA Curriculum

Course offerings vary each semester. View the current schedule of classes on the Office of the Registrar website.

  • SPEA–V 502 Public Management
  • SPEA–V 506 Statistical Analysis for Effective Decision Making
  • SPEA–V 517 Public Management Economics
  • SPEA–V 540 Law and Public Affairs
  • SPEA–F 560 Public Finance and Budgeting
  • AADM–Y 500 Law, the Arts, and Public Policy
  • AADM–Y 500 Organizational Behavior and the Arts
  • AADM–Y 511 Performing Arts Center Management
  • AADM–Y 525 Museum Management
  • AADM–Y 530 Audience Development and Marketing the Arts
  • AADM–Y 535 Arts Administration and the Cultural Sector
  • SPEA–N 521 The Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector
  • SPEA–N 558 Fund Development for Nonprofits

Choose one of the following:

  • SPEA–F 526 Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations
  • AADM–Y 515 Financial Management for the Arts

Choose one of the following combinations:

  • SPEA–V 600 Capstone in Public and Environmental Affairs
  • SPEA–N 525 Management in the Nonprofit Sector

-- OR --

  • AADM–Y 650 Seminar in Arts Administration
  • AADM–Y 504 Arts Administration in the Public and Private Sectors
  • AADM–Y 550 Practicum in Arts Administration
  • AADM–Y 750 Internship

With electives in nonprofit management, art history, theatre and more, you are sure to find the perfect course to meet your interests and career goals. Elective courses must be graduate level courses and can be taken through any school or program on campus.

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Gain the tools you need for professional success through hands-on experience

As part of the experiential requirement in the MPA-MAAA Dual Degree Program, you will complete one 280-hour internship as well as three 50-hour practicum projects. You may register for internship credit and practicum credit at any time within the program.

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