Internship Profile

Useful skills

At TASUS, Duerksen uses the skills she’s learning in marketing to put together sales presentations and manage the company website. She also spends time working with the human resources department, developing her other interests. Duerksen has been with TASUS for a year and continues to work three days a week while attending the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

“I plan to stay after graduation,” she said. “I like the company.”

TASUS makes plastic injection molded parts for companies such as Tesla and Toyota. Duerksen’s internship has taken her to facilities in Texas and Alabama and she’s worked on the plant floor to get a sense of what happens daily. One thing she likes about the company is how small it is.

More O’Neill connections

“I know the president. She’s even brought me coffee,” Duerksen said.

TASUS’s president and CEO is Melanie Walker. Walker, an IU Trustee and former member of O’Neill’s Dean’s Advisory Council, was named the first female president of a Japanese-owned North American manufacturing company at age 34. She, too, rose through the human resources department.

“It’s really cool to have a woman role model,” Duerksen said. “She’s always pushing us.”

Duerksen’s advice to someone considering an opportunity outside his or her comfort zone?

“To really know, you need to get your hands in it. I thought I loved apparel. I’ve enjoyed every minute at TASUS,” she said.