Alumni Career Mentor Program

Become a mentor to today’s SPEA students—tomorrow’s leaders

Share your valuable career and life experiences with our current students and help them advance in their futures. As an alumni career mentor, you can pass on the insights you’ve gained since your time as a SPEA student.

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How does the Alumni Career Mentor Program work?

You will be matched with a student based on one or more of the following:

  • Skills
  • Profession
  • Location
  • Major

We'll take the information you provide through the Get Involved form—your skills, profession, location, and major—so that we can make the best possible match.

Once a match is made, you will be sent your mentee’s information. Your mentee will contact you within one week. If you can schedule an in-person meeting anytime during your mentorship, it makes for an even better experience—but is not required.

We only ask our alumni mentors for a three-month commitment, and to contact their mentee at least once a month. After three months if you want to continue, that’s great! If want another mentee, we can arrange that and you can always have more than one mentee.