Eddie Daniels Jr.

MPA’79, Personnel Management

Photo of Eddie Daniels Jr.


Eddie Daniels currently serves as Executive Director of the J. Wayne Reitz Union at the University of Florida, and has been a director of college student unions for over 20 years. Daniels began his career in local government, serving in various professional roles in the Office of Youth Development, City of Indianapolis, and as government management specialist at the Northeast Georgia Area Planning and Development Commission in Athens, Georgia.

Daniels made a career shift to higher education beginning at the University of Georgia, where he served as program advisor in the Department of Student Activities. He later served as Associate Director for Programs at the Russell House University Union at the University of South Carolina, and as student union director at South Carolina.

Daniels subsequently served as director of the union and student activities at the University of Virginia and the University of Connecticut. He has served at the University of Florida for the past six years. Daniels has held a variety of leadership positions in the Association of College Unions International.

Daniels holds a BA in Zoology from IU Bloomington and an MPA in Personnel Management from IUPUI.