Kevin M. Brinegar

BSPA’79, Criminal Justice and Policy and Administration; MPA’81, Public Finance and Labor Relations

Photo of Kevin M. Brinegar
IU Bloomington


Kevin Brinegar is president and CEO of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. He joined the Indiana Chamber’s lobbying team in 1992, became senior vice president of Government Affairs in 1997, and has served in his current position since 2002.

Previously Brinegar served nine years as a financial analyst for the Finance Committee of the Indiana Senate, and three years as a management analyst for the Legislative Services Agency. He is recognized as an expert in the areas of business taxation, property taxation, local government, state budget, and school finance.

Brinegar holds two degrees from IU Bloomington: a BSPA with majors in Criminal Justice and Policy and Administration, and an MPA with concentrations in Public Finance and Labor Relations. He also earned an MBA with a concentration in Finance from IUPUI.