Jerry Jasinowski



Jerry Jasinowski is the former CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers. Previously, Jasinowski was NAM’s executive vice president and chief economist for 10 years. After retiring from the presidency of NAM in 2004, Jasinowski spent the next three years as president of the Manufacturing Institute. He has served on the boards of prominent corporations like Harsco Corporation, Phoenix Companies, webMethods, and Timken.

Jasinowski was also an assistant professor of economics at the U.S. Air Force Academy and managed research and legislative activities for the Joint Economic Committee of Congress in the 1970s. He served as director of the Carter administration’s economic transition team and was appointed assistant secretary for policy at the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Jasinowski is the author of The Rising Tide and Making It in America, two highly regarded books on American-based manufacturing and business.

Jasinowski received his bachelor’s degree in economics from Indiana University, his master’s degree in economics from Columbia University, and is a graduate of the Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program.